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Local Growers in Flathead Share Native Pollinator Experiences
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Omeg Pollinator Habitat Pollinator Habitat at Omeg Family Orchards
Learn about the benefits of having your own pollinator habitats, how to build them and how to maintain them.
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Conservation Showcase: Mike OmegOregon Conservation Showcase
Mike Omeg: Installed habitat to encourage populations of barn owls, blue birds, kestrels, bats and beneficial insects to stay and control pests in cherry orchards.
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Riding for Safety - Orchard Develops Program for ATV Safety
Omeg Orchards is subject of cover story in OSHA's newsletter
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Cherry Varieties: 2011 Colorado Hort Society Meeting (.pdf)

Bats for Pest Management: 2011 Colorado Hort Society Meeting (.pdf)

Barn Owls for Rodent Control: 2011 Colorado Hort Society Meeting (.pdf)

bats and birds presentationOregon Swallowtails Find a Home in The Dalles - "Orchardist Mike Omeg has long practiced sustainable agriculture..."

Potential Risks of Nine Rodenticides to Birds and Nontarget Mammals - A Comparative Approach (.pdf)

Encouraging Bats and Birds in Orchards - Presentation given at the 2009 Cherry Institute
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Omeg OrchardsTucks Dwellings - Maker of raptor perches, barn owl, bat and kestrel boxes.

Wild Wing Company - Owl and other bird boxes, Raptor perches and Starling traps.

Repeating Sparrow Trap - "At last! A truly effective repeating sparrow and starling trap!"

Bat Conservation International

UC California Press - Songbird, Bat and Owl Boxes. Vineyard management with an eye toward wildlife.

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